Accountable To Our Constituents

Accountability means transparency in all that we do, a right to be heard, and a school system which is responsive to the needs and wants of our community. Read More...

Orange County Public Schools must be accountable to all of its constituents. Most importantly it must be accountable to the children who attend the schools and deserve a world class education but also the parents who send their children to public schools and the taxpayers who pay property and sales taxes to support our public schools and who have a right to demand a high quality public education system in return for their tax dollars.

Performance Benchmarks

Accountability also means setting clearly defined, measurable, well publicized benchmarks for the performance of the school system. Read More...

Reporting upon the progress we make, or fail to make, toward accomplishing those goals is equally important.  Every year an unvarnished, honest State of the Schools address should be delivered by the School Board Chair to parents, teachers,  and the public on the progress we are making.

Outside Performance and Financial Audits

Accountability means bringing in outside, unbiased evaluators to evaluate our school system and to help identify areas where we may improve. Read More...

Orange County’s Comptroller, Martha Haynie should be invited in to supervise this audit of the finances and performance of the School District.  


School governance, spending, and procurement should be open and transparent no different from other levels of government in Florida.  Read More...

An audit of the District’s procurement processes will open up the process to the community. Contracts  which have not been bid upon for years should be opened to bidding. Lobbying disclosure and restrictions on contractor lobbying should be adopted.



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